The joy of renewing one’s passport

22 Jan

My passport had expired last April, so it was time to renew it for this trip.

The good news: U.S. passports are getting swankier. In addition to the waving-flag background of the pages, this is the first passport I’ve had that has an embedded computer chip to allow for faster scanning at airports.

Even more good news: It only took 13 days to process, from the moment I took the old passport to the Post Office to moment I got the new one in the mail. And this was just regular processing, not expedited. And the old one got mailed back separately with a couple of holes punched in it. Which is cool because I like those old stamps from places like Argentina, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

The bad news: Not cheap! Total cost for fee, pictures and mailing was $124. That’s the renewal fee, not the get-your-first-passport fee.



One Response to “The joy of renewing one’s passport”

  1. ACK March 5, 2012 at 12:16 AM #

    nice one

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