The shoes make the traveler, and other pre-trip loose ends

20 Feb

A couple of days ago I wrote about what shoes to pack for a trip to South Africa. The picture at right shows what I ended up with: Keen Finlays. I’m kind of proud of how boxy and unattractive they are. (BTW, I appreciated the Keen recommendation from readers and friends.)

Without a lot of breathability, they could get pretty steamy if the weather gets really hot. On the other hand, they seem super comfortable, even after an hour’s walk around Green Lake this afternoon. And that comes from a guy who usually struggles to find comfortable shoes (I blame my ancestors for giving me odd-shaped feet!).

If you’re in the market for this kind of shoe, I highly recommend The Shoe Advantage at 1008 N.E. 65th Street in Seattle, near the corner with Roosevelt. And use that direct-mail coupon in the Valpak envelope for up to $20 off.

I envy people who can sleep away the hours on long flights. I usually end up staring out into the darkened cabin, wondering if the flight attendants are sleeping too. But because this trip has not one, but TWO overnight flights, I decided to look into some sleep solutions. I stumbled across reviews of all-natural pills called Calms Forte. There seemed to be some legit positive reviews out there, so what the heck, I’ll try ’em. Even if there’s merely a placebo effect, I’ll take it. (But I might have some Benedryl handy too.)

I’m so glad I vote yes every time there’s a levy on the ballot for the Seattle Public Library. Their digital downloads are very cool.

As I wrote early last week in the re:Web blog, I’m taking an iPad along on this trip to help with the blogging. One of the side advantages is that you can actually cut down on your packing weight too by doing this. Today I downloaded three books onto the iPad: The Lost World of the Kalahari, The Girl Who Played with Fire and Atlantic. Now I just have to find out for myself if those complaints about eye strain caused by reading books on the iPad are true.

Only 50 hours until departure!


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