Digging to … South Africa? Maybe it’s time for a geography lesson

22 Feb

The routing from hell is almost upon me: 40 hours from closing the door in Seattle to checking in at Cape Town, by way of London, Madrid and Johannesburg.

I was telling a friend about this and finished by adding: “It figures that it takes so long — Cape Town is almost antipodal from Seattle.” Says she: “Huh?”

[begin nerdishness]

The word “antipode” refers to the spot on the earth’s surface that is diametrically opposite of a given spot. The earth is 24,901 miles around, so halfway around would be 12, 450.5 miles. So that’s the furthest distance you could possibly be from Seattle.

Check out the interactive Antipodes Map page to find the antipode for any spot on the planet. You’ll see that the Seattle antipode is about 1,840 miles off the coast of South Africa, about where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. That makes South Africa the furthest country from Seattle that you could possibly fly to.

[/end nerdishness]


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