Cape Town Day 2: Lofty perch, frosty surf

26 Feb

I’ve been in this place 48 hours and the verdict is in: I love it. The natural locations are beautiful, the culture is vibrant and the tourism infrastructure is fantastic, no doubt a leftover from the World Cup.

Speaking of locations, I came across two film sets while walking around central C.T. One of them took up a huge area near the main train/bus station. I was there getting my tickets for my bus trips that start Tuesday morning. I’ll probably dread leaving C.T.

NOTE: I apologize to those of you not on Facebook who couldn’t view yesterdays photo gallery. Today’s is in Google and should be open to all: Complete Day 2 gallery.

I also walked up a Long Street still sleepy after Friday night’s partying. If you’ve ever seen Bangkok’s Khaosan Road, you get the idea. It’s Backpacker Central. It’s a bit classier than Bangkok, but still wild and woolly.

After indulging my craving for a mango smoothies, I hopped onto the red line of the topless tour – no, not that kind of topless. I had bought a two-day pass online before the trip. Less hassle, and cheaper.

After a narrated audio tour of the CBD and District 6, the bus headed up to Table Mountain and the aerial cableway to the top. More advice for future visitors: buy the cableway ticket online before the trip and avoid spending a long time in queue.

I was at the top in less than 30 minutes even though it was a busy summer Saturday.

(BTW, have I mentioned that my first two full days here have been glorious weather-wise? Nary a cloud in the sky and probably 80 degrees with a refreshing breeze. I hear it’s not quite the same back home in Seattle.)

Back to Table Mountain … Yes, the views are amazing, in every direction. And the ride itself is fun. But honestly, I probably spent no more than 10 minutes at the top.

I hopped the next red bus for the beaches. First up: Camp’s Bay. The back drop of this place was jaw-dropping and the sand is wide and beautiful. Don’t expect to swim, however – this side of the Cape Peninsula gets upwellings of deep, cold water. I went in up to my shins and it was like taking an ice bath – if a person were ever to take an ice bath. Hmm…

After time spent savoring the scene at Camp’s Bay, I caught the bus again for a ride back into the city.

On tap for tomorrow: the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and, possibly, back to the beach!

Oh and check back later for a post about the local beers I’ve sampled so far.


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