Cape Town Day 4: Swimming with the penguins

28 Feb

Today was definitely one of those days when I get so wrapped up in enjoying what I’m doing that I forgot to take many pictures. Oh well …

Here’s today’s complete Day 4 gallery.

The Metrorail local transit system has at least one line that is safe own. enough for us tourists: the southern line that runs down the east side of Table Mountain down along the Cape Peninsula to the towns of Fishhoek and Simon’s Town. For about $4.50, you can get an all-day pass that allows you to get off and on the line as many times as you want.

My first stop was Kalk Bay, where I only spent about 20 minutes. Some cool antique shops, but that’s about it.

I hopped the train and just opted to go the end of the line – Simon’s Town (Fishhoek looked interesting, but I wanted to be sure I had enough time in Simoni’s Town because … that’s where the penguins are!)

First stop here was the Naval Museum. The town appeared to be a rather important naval base. A couple of hulking frigates sat out at the dock. The museum was OK – lots of models of ships.

Then I just started walking … And walking. Probably took 30 minutes of walking into a howling gale to make it to Boulders Beach National Park, home of one of only three continental penguin colonies in the world.

The residents here are African penguins, formerly called jackass penguins because of the noise they are said to make. I heard no such noise, probably because the penguins were nearly motionless as they stood or reclined in the midday sun. Cute little critters though. Amazing how fast they are when they get in the water.

The really cool thing about this place was the beach itself and it’s namesake boulders. You would climb over boulders and find pristine little coves of gold sand, green water and cute, well-dressed aquatic birds. The water was a little warmer on this side of the Cape, so it was much more comfortable to walk out into the water a ways. Then every once in a while these little black and white torpedoes would zoom by you. Amazing doesn’t quite do it justice.

And like I said: Sorry I don’t have more pictures of this gem of a spot.

Next up: I get up early tomorrow morning to hop a city-to-city bus to Swellendam. Goodbye Cape Town – I will miss you so.


One Response to “Cape Town Day 4: Swimming with the penguins”

  1. Paz February 28, 2011 at 10:09 AM #

    Gorgeous photos, BP! Where are all the people?

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