Baltic tour, Day 3: The heart of St. Petersburg

24 May
Click on the picture to see a gallery of shots from Day 3 in St. Petersburg.

Oh man are my feet killing me: must have walked 10 miles today.

The day started with walking across town to the starting point for a walking tour. About eight of us were led around by Nikolai, who tried to show us a bit of the real St. Pete.

The highlight was probably the neighborhood of Petrograd, where people use building courtyards to weave their way through the neighborhood.

At Nikolai’s recommendation, about five of us stayed afterward to eat lunch at a meat pie place. I ordered mine with rabbit and mushrooms. It was great swapping travel stories with these Brits and Aussies. One couple were just finishing up a 22-day train trip that started in Beijing.

After that I headed over to the Hermitage museum, which is probably the No. 1 attraction in the city. The place is monstrous. After an hour and a half, I think I only skimmed the surface — but my feet were saying “That’s enough!”

One more day tomorrow, then it’s back aboard the ferry to Helsinki.


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