Baltic tour, Day 4: Attack of the crud

25 May
Click on the photo above to see phoyo gallery of my last day in St. Petersburg.

As I write this I’m camped out in the cabin of the ferry/cruise ship that’s taking me back to Helsinki. We don’t actually set sail for 2 hours and 20 minutes. I should be out on the deck enjoying the fourth straight blue-sky day of my trip, but instead I’m drinking a gallon of OJ and trying to fight whatever crud latched onto me late this morning. I can’t tell yet if it’s a cold, the flu or a serious allergy attack. But whatever it is, I hope these waves of nausea go away soon!

For my final day in the city built by Peter the Great, I had a grand plan to:
– Mail out post cards, which means a walk into the middle of town.
– Check out a newish museum of contemporary art, called Erarta.
– Ride the city’s Metro system for first time to check out the elaborate station designs and hellish escalators – it’s the deepest subway in the world.
– Visit the naval museum.
But with illness setting in, I could only handle the first two before needing to call it a day at 2pm. I got to rest an hour in the room before catching a shuttle back to the port.

The contemporary art museum was very cool though, and very much worth the effort to get there (it’s a bit far from the other main tourist attractions). It’s a privately owned museum – and I hope they have a good cash reserve because I saw maybe four other visitors the whole time I was there. Which was fine by me! Do check out the pix in the gallery above – I snapped a few of my favorite pieces. Highly recommended!G

This is where I summarize my visit to St. Petersburg. Despite the way it winded up for me health-wise, I still can come up with a lot of great adjectives to describe this place: magical, enchanting, surprising, elegant, historic, epic, soulful.

That’s it from sick bay. Hope I feel good enough for a busy day in Helsinki tomorrow…


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