Baltic Tour, Day 5: Not too sick to enjoy a day in Helsinki

26 May
Click the photo above for a gallery of shots from Helsinki, Finland.

I ended up spending almost 16 hours onboard the St. Petersburg-Helsinki ferry sequestered in my room while trying to kick the crud. It was better Saturday morning, but took a turn for the worst in the afternoon. It’s a cold, with a mix of stuffy, runny nose and slight headache. I didn’t let it stop me from making the most of the day though.

First stop: a park opposite a beauty salon that just happened to be oozing free WiFi. Got caught up since it had been 24 hours when I was last online. (The city is incredibly wired: I found free public wifi in a number of places, including at the festival and the ferry terminal, and now, aboard the ferry to Tallinn.)

Next stop: the Saturday public market. Get yur reindeer skins! I got a plate of salmon and a beer.

I wandered toward the center of town and took in a bit of the World Village Festival. Lots of beads and the occasional folk group. I watched one song on the mainstage by Finnish pop star Paula K-something and that was about all I could handle.

It’s worth noting here that this is the fifth straight clear-blue-sky day of my trip. Think it will last?

Next up, the Church in the Rock. It’s mostly subterranean and supposedly has great acoustics. But no one was singing when I was there.

For the rest of the afternoon I just wandered the city, and even managed to find a beach having a beach volleyball tournament. These Finns really seemed to be into sports. 

Now I’m on the two-hour ferry over to Tallinn, Estonia. I’ve got a studio apt awaiting me there. I have a feeling Tallinn is going to be the most low-key and casual part of the trip. And hopefully I’ll kick this bug! Ugh!


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