Baltic tour, days 6, 7 & 8: Tallin, Estonia

29 May
Click the photo for a gallery of shots from Tallin — No, not just beer.

Unfortunately, my cold turned into a sinus infection and my time in Tallinn has been a bit on the miserable side. One day I stayed in my room and slept.

Even if I wasn’t sick though, I’m not sure I would have a better opinion of this place.  Sure it’s got a medieval core and some cool little museums. But in the end, the place seems to be staking its reputation on being a party zone. And since I was alone and sick, I wasn’t able to partake!

To me the most interesting part of the area is the legacy of Soviet occupation. I took a great tour of a secret KGB listening station in the town’s biggest hotel, (see the video!) and then went to another museum that had relics from Soviet days.

Other than that, I’m set for the flight this evening to my last stop: Stockholm, Sweden.


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