Baltic Tour, Day 9: Intro to Stockholm

30 May
Small gallery today, but hey, it’s Stockholm.

I have a bit of Swedish ancestry, so wandering around this place feels strangely  … familiar. 

Stockholm, in case you didn’t know, is a city of islands. Kind of mix of fresh-water and saltwarer islands. It makes for some great scenery.

Today’s itinerary was:

– Get a load of laundry done. This was accomplished at what is reportedly the only self-serve Laundromat in Sweden. Cost: $14 for one load. Well worth it!

– Check out the world’s first open-air museum, called Skansen. There were some cool displays of how folks lived in Swedish olden times. And their were Scandanavian animals. Did you know there was a European bison? Me neither.

– The highlight of the day was the Vasa Museum, the home of a 1628 Swedish war ship brought up from the bottom of the bay in Stockholm. As a fan of both history history and naval history, I dug this. This thing was massive, holding up to a crew of 425. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it a mile out of the shipyard before catching a little too much air in the sails and toppling over. Bummer! Pretty rare setback for the Swedes at that time, who were known then as military bad asses.

– I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the snooty neighborhood of Ostermalm, then back on the subway home.

Up tomorrow: The old-town Gamlastan area, the cool, newish Photography museum, and the trendy Sodermalm area, home to many of them scenes in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books.

And at some point I’ll talk about the unique accommodation experience I’m having: staying the spare bedroom of a young couple with a toddler …


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