Baltic Tour, Days 10 & 11: Wet and Blustery Stockholm

1 Jun
Click the photo above for a few shots from Stockholm.

The last two days of my trip consisted of me trying to stay dry and warm while still checking out a few sights in Stockholm. All the nice weather the first week of the trip got me spoiled.

On Thursday, I got off the Metro in the trendy neighborhood of Sodermalm, in particular the district known as SoFo. This is close to a lot of the locations used in the “Girl with Dragon Tattoo” books. This is the Bohemian district, but I was there a bit too early in the morning for that.

Next up was the Photografiska Museum which is fairly new and has been garnering some buzz in the art world. Web site here. I checked out the exhibitions and was kind of disappointed to learn that there was not any kind of permanent gallery.

After that I wandered over to the core of the old city at Gamla Stan. The narrow winding streets date back to the 1200’s. And lo, were there ever busloads of tourists and enough souvenir shops to feed them all.

Right across from the Palace was the Coin Cabinet (museum). I’m a sucker for coin collections, so I really enjoyed this place. They even had one of those huge stone coins they used on the island of Yap.

On Friday, it got even colder, windier and rainier. My poor umbrella almost bit the dust! Aside from doing a bit of window shopping in the downtown area, I really didn’t do too much. Oh I did check out the public market at Saluhall, which was kind of cool. I headed back to my room fairly early in the afternood to get dry and warm.

My accommodation in Stockholm is the most interesting of the three places I booked via I’m in the spare bedroom of the apartment of Elias and Sanna. The building is 20 minutes by Metro from the center of the city, but the Metro stop is close, and riding it is fun and easy.

Elias and Sana are great hosts though, and really make me feel at home. Doing this kind of arrangement helps me get a better feel for what it’s really like to live here. So far they haven’t asked me to babysit their 18-month-old son, so all is well. They had good advice about what to see and do.

I’d recommend airbnb as a great option when self-booking any kind of accommodation whether in U.S. or abroad. Save a few bucks while getting better exposure to the culture.


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