Carnaval party time: Day 3 in Brazil

12 Feb

Rio is where the big-time action is for Carnaval, but that doesn’t stop a lot of other Brazilian towns from throwing their own parties every year. Today I got to see what that’s like in Belo Horizonte, a city of 5 million to the northest of Sao Paulo.

I flew to B.H. on Gol airline, a one-hour flight. I checked into my B&B arranged through and walked to the nearby bus station to get my tickets for the Inhotim park tomorrow and Ouro Preto on Thursday. The truth is Belo is a mere jumping off point for those two interesting destinations.

Belo appears to be a rather gritty, boring city. Thank goodness there was Carnaval to liven things up today!

I had done some research and found that a few isolated block parties were scheduled for this evening. I managed to track one down after a long walk. And what a cool experience it was.

Folks were dressed up in a wide variety of costumes and most were dancing along to a core brass and drums band that was the heart of the beast. Vendors were selling beers as fast as they could grab them out of coolers, and clearly people were having a good time as the throng moved slowly, block by block.

Watch the video below to see what it was like — the band really gets crackin’ around the 1:45 mark. Oh and there are a very still photos down below the video.

Next up: A day in Inhotim, a crazy botanical park-slash- contemporary art museum.







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