Modern art and palm trees: Day 4 in Brazil

13 Feb

Bernardo Paz is a Brazilian pig-iron magnate. After collecting modern art for years, he decided to build his own unique place to display it.

The result is the amazing Inhotim (In-YO-cheem), about an hour and a half outside of Belo Horizonte by bus.

It’s essentially a dozen contemporary art galleries and many more open-air installations set within 5,000 acres of a tropical botanical park. It includes the largest collection of palm species in the world – 1,400 of them.

Flowers and hummingbirds were all over and I tried my best to capture them on pixels, below.

The art was worthwhile. My favorites were the works of Leon Ferrari and Tunga. I would have included pix, but it is forbidden. Click on their names to read about them and see their work.

Ferrari’s intense geometric prints are a style I can really relate to. With Tunga, the compositions are amazing in their creativity and imagination.

It took about five hours to cover everything at the park.

This evening, I’m praying my host doesn’t kill me for messing up the programming on the TV remote last night. I tried to fix it and I made things worse! I’m counting on her to let me do a load of laundry tonight …

Next up: Off to Ouro Preto early in the morning for one night in that colonial mining town.











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