Headed to Colombia in February

3 Jan

I’ll be escaping the Seattle winter rains and heading for equatorial South America in mid-February. I’ll be visiting three spots in Colombia:


The capital city sits at an altitude of 8,600 feet, so it won’t be very warm. It’s a huge city, with a population of 8.8 million people. Highlights of my 2-and-a-half days there: The Gold Museum and possibly going to a soccer match.


800px-CartagenaNext I fly an hour or so north to the Caribbean coastal city of Cartagena. This place is going to be hot and likely quite photogenic. The walled colonial city is filled with colorful buildings, cobblestone streets and boisterous restaurant crowds spilling out into the squares. Here’s the B&B I’m hoping to stay at for four nights. A little further away, the waterfront is a wall of apartment towers.

San Andres Island

800px-SanAndres-Island-ViewI had never heard of this place until I started doing research about Colombia. The island, a 90-minute flight west from Cartegena, is politically part of Colombia, but is actually much closer to the coast of Nicaragua. If the pictures and stories are for real, the dazzling blue waters around this place ought to offer fantastic snorkeling. The B&B I’ve booked looks like a fun place, away from any really touristy areas.

Oh and if you’re wondering about Colombia’s reputation for violence and drup cartels, well, they say that’s all changed — at least in the areas I’m headed to. Head out into the more remote jungles and all bets are off!


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